Almost Anything Wood With Expertise and Design Built In

If you ask Dave Veldhuizen to tell you about his business, he’ll likely respond with one simple statement.

“Custom cabinets, customer service, customer satisfaction”

Almost Anything Wood has risen from somewhat humble beginnings. A native to the area, being born in Ennotville, Dave literally started learning his skills in his father’s garage, as well as working with other cabinet-makers, before eventually forming his own family company back in 1988, the same year as his son, Nick was born. In all, Dave has 29 years of experience that he can justifiably brag about, and that experience shows in the amazing quality of work that is produced at Almost Anything Wood.

Dave’s hard work over the years has borne results. His reputation for first class work is well known, and Almost Anything Wood is now a solidly run family enterprise, since Dave’s son, Nick, is now part of the team – a team which produces extremely high quality cabinetry for really any room in the home, although the majority of their work is focused on kitchen creations and renovations.

The Almost Anything Wood showroom on Breadalbane Street is a gallery of fabulous examples. You’ll see craftsmanship at its finest, cabinets beautifully designed and built. The work they do is nothing less than inspirational.


Planning and designing your new kitchen is a straightforward process with Almost Anything Wood. Dave will visit your home (or place of business, if it is a commercial renovation) to investigate the space, to measure, and to make note of windows and doors. This information is then returned to Deb Veldhuizen, Dave’s wife, who in turn uses a special computer program that designs the kitchen before it finally displays the finished product in a three dimensional image on the computer screen.

You, the customer, can then view what your new kitchen will look like, and discuss with Deb any changes you might like to make, plus you will also have to decide what type of materials you require in the building of your new cabinets, for example, maple or cherry, or a white finish as opposed to a dark one. Then, of course, you have to think about the countertop. Yes, there are so many choices to make, but you will have experts to guide you and advise you in the process, and these folks are so knowledgeable and friendly that you are bound to enjoy the experience.

Once the basic materials have been decided upon, you can begin to work on the finer details – those smaller elements that really pull the whole thing together, and make your kitchen totally custom and unique to you, such as handles or special details in the finishing. You will get all kinds of ideas simply by visiting the showroom, and Deb is sure to have some good suggestions, including some you may not have even considered.

Dave, Nick and Deb work on a timeline designed to suit the customer. Major renovations often incorporate other elements, such as flooring or wiring or plumbing, so the installation has to fit with the other jobs and tasks at hand. They will take care to smooth out the operation and blend their work with the rest as the renovation progresses.

As the company name implies, ‘Almost Anything Wood’ is certainly not restricted to only kitchen renovations. Any room in the home might benefit from custom cabinetry. Two other main areas come to mind. The bathroom, and the basement.

Let’s begin in the bathroom. Often the smallest room in the house, yet another of those areas where a first class renovation will reap the rewards of the investment. So, if you are considering a bathroom renovation, consider installing custom cabinetry – something unique to your own style and tastes, and built exactly to fit into the required space.

Then there’s the basement. A custom finished basement is another way to add enjoyment and value to your home. Imagine having your own private theatre down there, with custom cabinets and shelves designed specifically to take the big flat screens and surround sound systems that will turn that little used underground space into the most sought out room in the house. And of course, it would be another great selling feature should you ever decide to move house.

Of course, the family room would look great with custom shelving and cupboards surround the fireplace, and your bedrooms could probably use some additional built-in closet space. ‘Almost Anything Wood’ can improve any room in your home!

In fact, the skills of Dave and his son, Nick, are such that they recently did a commercial renovation requiring the matching of new cabinets to some antique cabinets that had bee part of a particular store in Fergus for many decades. The owner of the store did not want to remove the old cabinets, but rather add to them with modern units that reflected a similar style, and this was done quite successfully.

If you are planning to have a custom home built, then you should absolutely consult ‘Almost Anything Wood’ to discuss the cabinetry requirements for your new house. You can be assured of first class work tailored to your own specific needs with designs that will flow and compliment each other throughout your new space.

The sense of family unity at ‘Almost Anything Wood’ is very strong. A warm and friendly welcome awaits customers at the showroom. This, sprinkled with a pleasant sense of humour, promotes a pleasant business atmosphere that is both professional and relaxing.

So, if you are thinking about new cabinetry of any type, and for any function or room in your home, give Dave a call to arrange a consultation. He will be sure to accommodate your needs and requirements to a very high level of satisfaction.

“Almost Anything Wood” is located at 205 Breadalbane Street, Fergus.

Call: 519-843-7500 to arrange an appointment or visit the showroom.

Article from The Wellington Advertiser, July 5, 2013